2018 marks NUACHT’s 30th Anniversary! NUACHT (“news”) was launched by former St. Patrick’s Society President Gus ÓGormáin (1991-1993) and SPS member Prof. Pádraig ÓLaighin, to keep the community up to speed with what was happening in our local Irish community and back in Ireland.  Earlier versions of NUACHT were published in English, French and Gaelic.  Today NUACHT is published four times a year, primarily in English.

Right now more people are needed to join the ranks of the editorial board. It’s a lot of fun with lively discussion. Decisions are almost always reached by consensus. The only qualification to join is to have something to say, be able to write reasonably well, have an interest in things Irish and access to the internet.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NUACHT family, please contact the Editor.


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